How An SEO Agency Airlifted Bangkok Airways’ Digital Presence

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How An SEO Agency Airlifted Bangkok Airways’ Digital Presence



During their 36th anniversary in 2004, Bangkok Airways was branded as ‘Asia’s Boutique Airline’. It is a regional airline which is based in Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. For the past few years, it served as an airline that links different cultural heritage sites and tourist spots in Thailand. Nowadays, it is not just operating in Thailand but also in different parts of Asia such as Cambodia, Maldives, Singapore, Vietnam, and a lot more.


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The competition is tight nowadays with many airlines operating here and there. That being said, Bangkok Airways need to establish their brand as an airline that makes traveling to cultural destinations accessible. Little did people know also that this airline doesn’t only operate in different parts of Thailand but also in other countries in Asia.

In line with this, Bangkok Airways and IH Digital came up with a way on how to make the airline more known by people. Since the social media is the most prominent platform nowadays, making themselves relevant especially in search marketing is a good opportunity. With IH Digital’s expertise in SEO marketing, Bangkok Airways started to build up its presence in search engines such as Google and Baidu.

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The SEO digital agency helped in building three blog websites of Bangkok Airways in different languages – Thai, English, and Chinese. Thus, they did not only focus in the local market but also in the international market. It showed that the blogs helped in generating traffic to the site by publishing useful travel guides in different Bangkok Airways destinations. It has 53+ keywords in page 1-3 and even 100,000+ organic visits monthly. Amazing, right?

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