Social Media Hype: Influencer Marketing is the new big thing!

Social Media Hype: Influencer Marketing is the new big thing!

Influencer Marketing is like the new hybrid of internet marketing. It lets your brand interact and engage in multiple target audience through the help of influencers’ social media presence. Let’s break down why this new big thing can help you make your social media campaigns successful.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Unlike celebrities, influencers have flexible time. They can promote brands anytime without breaching a contract from another brand. Influencers and brands are more of a collaboration type of campaign, not your usual digital marketing campaign but still efficient and effective. Furthermore, an influencer can come in any form such as blogger, YouTuber, daily vlogger and those people who have a social media presence. As long as you have the means to influence, interact and engage to your followings, then you are an influencer. It’s not about the popularity, it’s how you can engage and impact the lives of your readers, viewers or likers.

Where can I find influencers in social media?

Influencers are everywhere! You can see them in any digital platforms. Here are some platforms according to techhjury that influencers use to socialize and engage to their audience:

  • 78% of social influencers for brand collaborations worldwide used Instagram as their primary social media
  • 16% of social influencers worldwide use blogs as their primary social media
  • 4% of social influencers worldwide used YouTube as their primary social media
  • 2% of social influencers for brand collaborations worldwide used Facebook as their primary social media

Why should I prefer Influencer Marketing instead?

Influencers are more of an all-around person. As long as they record real-time experience and first-hand view, your Influencer Marketing can boost your business’ profits and revenues. In reference to, 67 percent of marketers think influencer marketing campaigns helped them reach a more targeted audience, thus leading to more impactful results. It’s a win-win social media strategy, brands can get their well-deserved recognition and online presence while influencers have the comfort and leisure they deserve.


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What platform can help me with my Influencer Marketing?

Asia Travel Club is a social commerce platform that helps influencer and travel industries to connect and engage for a collaboration. This collaboration has a wider reach since ATC has an audience in ASEAN Economic Community, Greater China, Japan and South Korea. You can contact ATC through IH Digital’s contact page for queries and partnership.

Expand your Influencer Marketing!

IH Digital is a partner digital marketing agency of ATC that aids to your influencer and online marketing needs. Boost your social media and content marketing strategy by dropping your details here to know more!

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